4 Rally Car Events More Fun Than Gumball 3000 Race


The celebrity filled Gumball 3000 rally is one of the most popular racing events many pro and novice drivers clammer to be apart of. However, we’ve gathered for you 4 other rally car events that’s even better for your consideration.

All these rally car events will cost you, none are free to enter. These rallies aren’t really for the weekend off-roaders amongst us either – your car probably won’t come back home in one piece.

1. Peking to Paris

Peking to Paris Event
  • Adventure and History: This epic rally spans over 13,000 kilometers, connecting two of the world’s most fascinating cities. Originally held in 1907, it’s one of the oldest and most adventurous rallies, challenging participants with diverse terrains and cultures.
  • Unique Experience: The event attracts vintage and classic car enthusiasts, making it a visually stunning and historically rich experience. The route passes through remote and rarely traveled paths, offering a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

2. Modball Rally

Modball Rally
  • High-End Luxury and Party Atmosphere: The Modball Rally blends the love for high-performance cars with a vibrant party atmosphere. It’s a European event known for its luxurious routes through major cities and extravagant evening parties.
  • Accessible to Various Cars: Unlike some rallies that focus on vintage or supercars, the Modball Rally is more inclusive, allowing a wide range of cars to participate, making it a diverse and eclectic event.

3. Mongol Rally

Mongol Rally
  • Ultimate Adventure: This rally is for those seeking a raw and unfiltered adventure. Covering around 16,000 kilometers, the Mongol Rally is about endurance and resourcefulness, taking you from Europe to Mongolia.
  • Charity and Challenge: The rally is not just about driving; it’s also about raising money for charity. Participants often drive small, underpowered cars, adding to the challenge and fun.
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4. Scumrun (Originally known as Scumball 3000)

  • Fun and Frivolity: Known for its humorous take on rallying, Scumrun is a European event where the focus is more on fun than speed. It’s famous for its themed cars and costumes.
  • Charitable Cause: Like the Mongol Rally, Scumrun is also charity-focused, making it a feel-good event that combines the love of cars with a sense of community and purpose.

Each of these rallies has its unique flavor and offers an exhilarating experience similar to the Gumball 3000, with the added bonus of exploring new cultures, landscapes, and making lasting memories. Whether you’re a seasoned rally driver or a newbie looking for adventure, these events promise excitement, challenge, and fun.