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Cross Traffic Alert: Preventing Accidents and Saving You Cash

Cross Traffic Alert: Preventing Accidents and Saving You Cash

Crashes involving 2 vehicles with the Cross Traffic Alert system installed were reduced by a staggering 32%, that is according to the national library of medicine. If you own an SUV without this tech, you are clearly at a disadvantage, especially a full-size model.

Driver and pedestrian safety aides definitely help lower accidents in the increasingly packed city environments the majority of us live and work in. On top of lowered accident headaches, you may get a 10% drop on your insurance bill.

What is Cross traffic alert?

Cross traffic alert is a practical, cost-effective technology designed to improve safety when reversing out of residential driveways or supermarket parking lots. This collaborative effort between the auto industry and safety groups uses sensors and intelligent algorithms to detect cross-traffic in a vehicle’s blind spots.

When cross traffic is detected, an audible alert will sound inside the vehicle indicating to the driver that cross traffic is present. Although cross-traffic alert systems won’t avoid all collisions, they certainly help drivers become aware of other vehicles in their vicinity, reducing the chances of an accident occurring.