Does Any Car Companies Accept Digital Cash?

Is crypto still not mature a payment method to use to buy a car yet?

crypto for car

crypto for car

So far in 2023, using cryptocurrencies to pay for cars just hasn’t taken hold as some may have wished. In mid 2021 Tesla’s Elon Musk flirted briefly with that idea to accept Bitcoin as payments – then the company did a complete reversal.

Tesla also said they’d accept dogecoin as payment – Elon’s favourite coin apparently – to which some people online said they successful in using. BMW, Nissan and Toyota also expressed varying degrees of interest in crypto payments.

So can you use crypto to buy cars?

The answer yes you can. A few dealerships across the US accept crypto as payments, with a slight caveat. You’ll more than likely have to involve some third party transactional institution – not your bank.

Main image courtesy: Tesla and BMW