Honda’s Accord Vs. Civic: The Ultimate Showdown Between Legends🏁

In a Stock race between an Accord and a Civic - who one wins

In a Stock race between an Accord and a Civic who one wins
In a Stock race between an Accord and a Civic who one wins

When it comes to choosing between the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord, it’s like picking your favorite child. Impossible, right? Both are beloved staples on North American roads, boasting impressive sales figures that leave competitors green with envy.

But when push comes to shove, or rather, when gas pedal hits the floor, which of these two titans would cross the finish line first? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

Honda Civic: The Nimble Ninja

Throttle House takes the Civic for a spin

First up, we have the Honda Civic, a car so popular it’s practically a celebrity in the sedan world. With 200,381 units rolling off the lot, this car isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s a movement. But what makes it tick? Let’s look under the hood:

  • Powertrain: A 177-hp hybrid engine that combines power with eco-friendliness.
  • Speed: Zooms from 0-60 in a respectable 7.4 seconds. Not too shabby, eh?
  • MSRP: Starting at a wallet-friendly $23,950 for the LX trim. Who said you can’t buy happiness?
  • Torque: With 177 lb-ft @ 1700-4500 rpm, this car grips the road with the tenacity of a toddler holding a cookie.

Honda Accord: The Gentle Giant

Doug Demuro reviews the 2023 Accord

Not to be outdone, the Honda Accord struts onto the scene with 197,947 units sold. It’s the Civic’s sophisticated older sibling, with a bit more muscle under the belt:

  • Powertrain: A robust 204-hp hybrid engine that laughs in the face of fuel stops.
  • Speed: A blistering 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. It’s like it’s got a rocket attached to its back.
  • MSRP: Priced a tad higher at $27,895 for the LX trim, because elegance has its price.
  • Torque: This beast flexes with 181 lb-ft of torque at a higher rpm range, proving it’s not just about strength but also stamina.
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The Ultimate Showdown

Drag racing time! The Accord VS the Civic

So, which of these automotive gladiators would win in a head-to-head race? If it’s a drag race you’re after, the Accord flexes its extra horsepower like a bodybuilder in a tight t-shirt, crossing the finish line with time to spare. But the Civic, with its slightly lower price tag and admirable torque, promises a ride that’s as fun as it is frugal.

In the end, choosing between the Civic and Accord depends on what you value more: the swift elegance of the Accord or the spirited efficiency of the Civic. It’s a close call, and honestly, in the race to our hearts, they both take the trophy.


Whether you’re team Civic or team Accord, one thing is clear: Honda continues to dominate the sedan market with these two contenders. So, next time you find yourself at a Honda dealership, pondering over which sedan to take home, remember this showdown. May the best car win!

And there you have it, folks, an epic battle between two of Honda’s finest. No matter which side you’re on, you’re guaranteed a ride that’s both thrilling and dependable. Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a fun ride!