The Most Popular Car Colors According to Carfax

longest range suvs
longest range suvs

Your car is more than just a mode of transportation. It’s a statement about your style and personality. That’s why choosing the right color can be as important as the model or make. According to a recent analysis by Carfax, certain colors have clearly won the hearts of car owners more than others.

The Top 3 Car Colors

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The analysis looked at 1.4 million used vehicles listed for sale, painting a vivid picture of color preferences among buyers. Let’s take a look at the top three colors:

  1. White: Coming in at a narrow 23.5%, white cars take the crown. White is often associated with simplicity, cleanliness, and sophistication. Plus, a study by the NIH suggests that lighter colored cars may be slightly safer than darker ones.
  2. Black: A close second, black cars account for 21.2% of the used vehicles listed. Black is a classic choice that communicates elegance and power.
  3. Gray: With 16.8%, gray comes in third. This versatile color is a popular choice for many modern vehicles.

It’s interesting to note that these neutral colors account for over 60% of the used vehicles listed, reflecting their widespread appeal.

Other Popular Car Colors

Following the top three, we have silver (12.9%), blue (9.0%), and red (8.6%). These colors are still quite popular, but clearly lag behind the leading trio.

Rounding out the list, we have brown and orange, each at 2%. These colors, while not as popular, offer a unique aesthetic for those looking to stand out.

Most Popular SUV Colors

If you’re specifically interested what the most popular sports utility vehicle colors are, this is where things get reversed. The top two car car colors are different for SUV drivers – slightly.

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According to Carfax’s for sale section, SUV owners prefer black at 22.5%, while white is second most preferred shade at 22.1% – very thin margin.

Frequently asked questions about car colors

What the most popular car colors?

The three most popular car colors are: White (23.5%), Black (21.2%) and Gray (16.8%)

What are the least popular car colors?

The least popular car colors are: Silver (12.9%), Blue (9%) and Red (8.6%)

What are the most popular SUV colors?

The most popular SUV colors are Black (22.5%) and White (22.1%)