What is Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) Technology?

While driving in today's ever busy traffic, you need every piece of safety technology



Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) technology is an advanced safety technology that helps drivers maintain control of their vehicle in a variety of conditions. This safety technology has come standard on all Subaru cars since 2009.

How does Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) technology work?

Subaru demonstrates Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) technology

VDC uses a suite of sensors and algorithms to detect when a vehicle is not responding to the driver’s inputs. It then uses a combination of brakes, engine control, and suspension adjustments to help the driver keep the vehicle under control.

How does Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) technology help to keep my family safe?

This technology is especially useful in emergency situations, such as when a driver needs to brake hard to avoid a collision. Or when a vehicle’s tires begin to lose traction due to wet roads or slippery surfaces.

VDC technology can help to reduce the risk of a crash, and improve a vehicle’s overall performance and handling. Keeping you and yours safe.