Best Compact SUVs for $30k or Less in 2022

Toyota RAV 4 SUV
Toyota RAV 4 SUV

Compact SUVs are the perfect vehicle for a wide variety of drivers. They are compact, but still offer a lot of space for passengers and cargo.

They are also great for families because they offer versatility when it comes to seating arrangements, and they have plenty of room to haul all your gear.

Best Selling SUVs in America chart
Best Selling SUVs in America | chart

These vehicles are just so much more friendlier to your pockets too because they weigh less overall. Their smaller engines and other mechanicals won’t be stressed as much. Therefore, maintenance and repair bills should be comparatively less than their bigger brethren (mid-size types and up).

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A Compact SUV is a type of smaller SUV that is available in three-row or five-row configurations. They are smaller than the traditional SUV and thus usually more fuel efficient and have a better driving range.

Here are the best small SUVs for $30,000 dollars or less  as 2022 (msrp price in United States currency):

Toyota RAV4 – $26,100 MSRP USD

Nissan Rogue Sport – $25,230 MSRP USD

Honda CR-V – $30,930 MSRP USD

Jeep Renegade – $22,850 MSRP USD