5 Best American States for Electric Vehicle Ownership

states with best ev chargers

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the United States, and for good reason. EVs offer a number of benefits over traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, from reduced emissions to lower maintenance costs.

For a state to rank high in EV ownership satisfaction, it must not only have the charging infrastructure, but also have great tax and manufactures’ rebate programs.

2023s longest Range electric SUVs chart
2023s longest Range electric SUVs – chart

You may currently live in a state that have a poor EV charging infrastructure, if so take solace in the fact that will be changing quiet soon. It is unfortunate that some US states lag far behind and only a few are true leaders.

But if you want to get the most out of your EV, you’ll need access to reliable charging infrastructure. Here are the five US states that have the best electric vehicle infrastructure.

EV ownership is surging in the US, is your State ready?


California is no stranger to EVs—it’s home to some of the largest automakers in the world, including Tesla Motors and General Motors. With its abundance of sunshine and commitment to renewable energy sources, it’s no wonder that California leads the nation in electric vehicle infrastructure.

California’s EV rebates for electric vehicles is the most generous in the nation, offering up to $7,000 through the state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program.

The state has invested heavily in DC fast chargers, making it easy for EV owners to charge up quickly while on the go. In addition, California also offers generous tax incentives for those who purchase an electric vehicle, making it even easier (and cheaper) to go green.


Washington is another leader when it comes to electric vehicle infrastructure. The state boasts one of the highest concentrations of DC fast chargers in the US, with more than 400 stations across Washington State alone.

In addition, Washington also offers generous incentives and rebates for those who purchase or lease an EV – up to $4,000 in some cases! Plus, with its abundant natural beauty and cities like Seattle and Tacoma nearby, there’s plenty for EV owners to explore on their way around Washington State.


Oregon is another great state for electric vehicle owners thanks to its abundance of charging station locations across the state.

Oregon has invested heavily in both Level 2 charging stations (which can be used at home or at public locations) as well as DC fast chargers (which can provide an 80% charge within 30 minutes). On top of that, Oregon also offers a number of financial incentives such as tax credits and rebate programs that make going green even more affordable.

New York

New York may not have as many charging station locations as California or Washington State, but what it lacks in numbers it makes up for with convenience and accessibility. New York residents can look forward to a fairly generous $2,000 EV rebate from the state’s, Drive Clean Rebate.

New York City alone has over 1,000 Level 2 charging station locations spread throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn; plus there are hundreds more located throughout other parts of New York State as well.

And while New York doesn’t yet offer any major financial incentives for EV owners, they do have a number of initiatives aimed at improving access to charging stations across the state—so watch this space!


Finally we come to Massachusetts—another great option for EV owners thanks its robust network of charging stations located throughout Massachusetts’s major metropolitan areas like Boston and Cambridge.

Not only does Massachusetts boast over 500 public charging locations but they also offer some pretty attractive financial incentives including tax credits up to $3,500 per vehicle purchased or leased—making going green even sweeter!

Conclusion: Best American States for Electric Vehicle Ownership

If you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle but aren’t sure which state is best equipped to handle your needs then look no further than these five states.

California, Washington State, Oregon, New York State and Massachusetts all offer excellent EV infrastructure along with generous financial incentives that make going green even more attractive! So don’t wait any longer – make your move towards a greener future today!