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YouTuber MKBHD Drives New Tesla FSD Beta on Highway


The Tesla Full Self Driving beta version has been released to a select number of customers in the United States. MKBHD was on his mooring commute so he loaded up his Tesla with cameras for us to experience FSD (Full Self Driving) with him.

MKBHD’s trip was definitely not uneventful though, there were some minor issues along the way – as we see can the future is amazing but not fully here just yet. The FSD feature gives drivers the ability to take their hands off the wheel and let the car take over the driving.

The car is able to detect road signs, lane markings, and other objects to navigate safely. It also has improved Autopark, Summon, and Navigate on Autopilot features. The beta version is limited in its scope and ability, but it is an exciting step forward in the development of autonomous vehicle technology.