Large SUVs Are the Rage Again, but What Are They?

Modern technologies have brought the large SUV back in style today. What makes a large SUV,a well, large?

2023 gmc yukon slt
Yukon SLT | GMC

Remember the early Chevy Suburban SUVs from the 90’s or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s car of choice, H2 Hummer? Who can forget how much love and hate those models brought out of people.

We all instinctively knew they were really large SUVs; but do you really know why a car is considered a large SUV? No matter how many car ads you’ll see in a day, not one defines this vehicle type in plain english.

Top 10 longest range SUVs chart
Top 10 longest range SUVs – chart

Well, here goes nothing.

What is a large SUV?

An SUV is considered to be large when it meets certain criteria in terms of size and weight. Generally, SUVs weigh more than 3,500 pounds and have a wheelbase measuring at least 107 inches.

Most large SUVs have three rows of seating and a cargo area of at least 37 cubic feet. Additionally, a large SUV typically has a standard or extended-length body (which is longer than a regular-length body). All of these factors combined determine whether an SUV is considered to be large.

Hope that definition clears things up for you

If that definition didn’t do it for you just keep following what we’re doing on our site. Each time we write a story, we really try to state the car’s size. As time goes by, we’ll get you a clearer definition to go by.

For now just remember the weight, over 3,500 pounds and anything longer than 107 inches.

Main image courtesy: GMC