How Many Types of SUV Models Does Ford Make


Ford Mache eSUV

Ford Motors has become so successful at building and selling SUVs, the company started killing off all but a few top selling sedans in their automotive catalog. Many people were dismayed at Ford for slowly but meticulously discontinuing popular sedan models – one of which was the iconic, Focus.

Of course the car maker didn’t randomly make the decision to primarily “focus” on SUVs (pardon the pun). They saw the writing on the wall – just as many other brands did – years ago. Simply put the modern car buying customer wants SUVs (and trucks) over sedans, so the manufacturers are (Ford especially) obliging.

Ford’s current SUV line-up consists primarily 8 models that have many variations. Some of the most popular are..

  1. Escape
  2. Edge
  3. Bronco
  4. Explorer
  5. Mustang Mach-E
  6. Expedition

The company – for now at least – creates ICE (Internal Combustion Engine),  hybrid and fully electric (e-SUV) powertrains for some of their popular brands.