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Tire Chains: For When Winter Tires Need Help

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The winter of 2022 will be one for the history books, many cities across North America have felt the wrath of mother nature. Places like New York and Ontario Canada, have experienced record snowfall, now many people in these locations for sure maybe thinking it’s time to put on tire chains.

Can Tire Chains help, but which type to get?

Driving in cold, icy conditions can be extremely tricky and dangerous. The right tire chains can make the difference between staying safe and ending up in an accident or being stuck on the side of the road.

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Tire Chains are good for extreme driving conditions

To get the best traction and safety, tire chains should be put on when there is snow on the ground, particularly if it is a few inches thick and has been packed down by traffic. In addition, tire chains may become necessary in wintery conditions when there is an incline to ascend or descend because tire chains provide excellent grip for these slippier conditions.

Of course, tire chains are not mandatory for driving in all winter weather situations, but having them ready to go can be the difference between a pleasant drive and a runaway tire situation.