What is a Wheelbase and is Longer Better?

There are many terms in the automotive world, for SUVs the wheelbase is an important one

suv wheelbase
suv wheelbase

As an SUV driver you will have a more comfortable and confident driving experience if your vehicle’s mass is spread over as much road surface as is possible. This is where the length of your car’s wheelbase comes in.

So what is the wheelbase and how does it improve driving?

What is a vehicle’s wheelbase?

Vehicle wheelbase is the distance between the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel of a vehicle. It is an important factor in determining the size and stability of a vehicle.

The wheelbase affects the amount of available interior space, the ride quality, and the turning radius. Longer wheelbases provide more stability and improved ride quality, while shorter wheelbases provide more agility and a tighter turning radius.

Why is a longer wheelbase is important

A longer wheelbase is important for drivers because it helps to improve the stability and control of the vehicle. Longer wheelbases provide more stability and better tracking, meaning that the car is less likely to swerve or lose control in high-speed or emergency situations.


So if you’re thinking of switching your current vehicle, a longer wheelbase should be apart of your next car buying checklist. Longer wheelbase provides a smoother ride as the suspension is more effective due to the longer wheelbase length.

This is especially important for drivers who are traveling on uneven roads or in areas with sharp turns, as a longer wheelbase allows for more predictable maneuverability and better control.

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