Why Don’t I Look the Same in All Mirrors?

The Mirror Vladimir Fedotov
The Mirror

Have you ever wondered why you look like a Hollywood star in your bathroom mirror, but in the department store fitting room, you resemble a potato with eyes?

Well, as someone who’s experienced this perplexing phenomenon, let me guide you through the hilarious yet utterly confusing world of mirror magic.

My mirrors are playing a trick on me

You see, in my home bathroom, I’ve often caught my reflection and thought, “Hey, not bad! The gym is paying off!” But then, I visit a friend’s house, and their mirror candidly suggests that my gym membership is more of a charitable donation to the fitness industry.

Can science explain the mirror illusion?

The science behind this is as complicated as my relationship with carbs. Home mirrors are like that one friend who always tags you in good photos. They’re usually positioned with optimal lighting that highlights your best features and casts a warm, forgiving glow.

Plus, they’ve seen you at your worst – bed hair, morning face, the whole shebang – and they’re still here, making you look good. On the other hand, retail mirrors are like the frenemy who subtly reminds you that you’re human, very human. Harsh overhead lighting in fitting rooms is like a truth serum for your physique, revealing every little detail you thought was safely hidden under layers of clothing.

So finally, which mirror tells the truth?

But fear not, my fellow mirror-gazers! It’s not you, it’s the mirrors. Well, mostly. Let’s be real, my diet does consist of pizza with a side of pizza. The key is to remember that mirrors are like filters – some make you look like a snack, and others, well, they just make you want to snack.

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Embrace the illusion when it’s in your favor, and laugh off the less flattering reflections. After all, life’s too short to trust a piece of glass that can’t even take a selfie. So next time you look fantastic in your bathroom mirror, take a moment to appreciate the magic, but maybe have a salad for lunch just in case.