Inside, the Urus features a luxurious and spacious cabin, with leather seats and a high quality sound system. Imagine, gathering 4 of your best friends or family members and seating them in your brand new, Lamborghini Urus SUV – now that’s an experience worth sharing....

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Save Money on Car Insurance: Tips and Tricks

With new cars averaging over $47,000USD (according to KBB) and then depreciating as soon as you drive them off the lot, many new car buyers are looking at ways to keep their costs ...

2 Best 4×4 Off-roading Places in America

The United States is home to some of the most diverse terrain on earth. So if you can get into a capable SUV and experience so some those back roads off-roading, where would you go...

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7 Step Oil Change Process for SUV Car Owners

Warning: Only attempt to change your own SUV oil if you are fully comfortable with the whole process – especially after you have read our instructions. Also changing the engi...

5 Best Used Hybrid SUVs Under $35,000

Hybrid SUVs have been all the rage in recent years. They’re more eco-friendly than your typical crossover, and they drive like a car. However Hybrid engines are a combination of ...

5 Best Used 8-Passenger SUVs On The Market Now

When you need to transport a lot of passengers or want to treat them to a comfortable ride, it’s time to consider buying one of our picks of the, 5 best used 8-passenger SUVs for...

5 Technologies Making SUVs Greener

Newer, more efficient SUVs are helping to improve the image of these vehicles among consumers. SUVs are no longer just seen as gas-guzzling, oversized and overpriced cars that are ...

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Best Features of the Lamborghini Urus SUV

The Lamborghini Urus is the Italian supercar brand’s first-ever SUV! Even though it may look like a mid-size SUV from the outside, this new model has plenty of hidden features th...

The 2022 Ford Bronco, a Legend Returns

The all-new 2022 Ford Bronco Sport SUV is a revival of an American classic. It’s been updated and redesigned for a new generation, with a base starting price of $28,815 USD. ...

  • The SUV Revolution is Here: and There is No Going Back

    The famous visual artist Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous…”. It’s the future now and thanks to social media everyone is famous and we will all own SUVs – eventually anyway. It’s official: the SUV revolution is in full

  • When is the Best Time of Day to Buy Fuel?

    Most drivers have asked themselves this question at some point: when is the best time of day to buy fuel for my car? It’s a valid question, since gasoline prices fluctuate regularly caused by different factors (including general demand), that can make one time better than another. Hi

  • 5 Reasons to Get a Compact SUV Now

    Compact SUVs are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! They offer the best of both worlds: the fuel efficiency of a sedan and the practicality of an SUV. Let us give you 5 reasons to consider buying a Compact SUV over larger sized models. If you concerned about driving somet

  • 5 Best All-Wheel Drive SUVs Under $30,000

    All-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as more consumers realize that they can drive in snowy or muddy conditions without fear of their vehicle getting stuck. All-wheel drive is also becoming more common on passenger cars; nearly a third of new cars sold in the Un

  • Best Compact SUVs for $30k or Less in 2022

    Compact SUVs are the perfect vehicle for a wide variety of drivers. They are compact, but still offer a lot of space for passengers and cargo. They are also great for families because they offer versatility when it comes to seating arrangements, and they have plenty of room to haul all you

  • How Many Types of SUV Models Does Ford Make

    Ford Motors has become so successful at building and selling SUVs, the company started killing off all but a few top selling sedans in their automotive catalog. Many people were dismayed at Ford for slowly but meticulously discontinuing popular sedan models – one of which was the ico

  • What is an SUV? The Ultimate Guide to SUVs

    In the past few years, SUVs have become even more popular than cars. In fact, SUV sales have been skyrocketing and are continuing to do so as new models are introduced and old ones see revamps. This is because SUVs provide a lot of benefits for drivers. They’re a great option for people

  • So What is the Most Expensive SUV in the World?

    Every major car manufacture today makes SUVs, that wasn’t always the case. Many automakers, only a few years winced at the thought of including these big bodied cars in their inventories. Only 6 years ago Ferrari’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne, said his company would never make an SUV – no