What is the Cheapest Plug in SUV?

2023 Crosstrek Premium

2023 Crosstrek Premium - image courtesy Subaru

Plugin Hybrids SUVs are very popular to say the least. They the best technology to choose if you want to participate in the electrification of vehicles but still stick with the internal combustion engines for a little while more.

Obviously an SUV equipped with both an ICE and Electric drivetrains will cost you more upfront. The long term fuel savings will more than offset the premium cost using both technologies. If want jump into the electric car shift but still hesitant to leave petrol behind then a Plug in Hybrid or PHEV is what you’ll want to get.

23 Crosstrek Limited 3
Subaru Crosstrek – image courtesy Subaru

With that said what is the cheapest electric SUV money can buy? Well that would be Subaru’s Crosstrek Hybrid. Subaru has a long storied history with the Crosstrek and according to them, “…97% of Subaru Crosstrek vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today”.

If that claim is true then the Crosstrek has a better longevity record than other SUV stalwarts such as Toyota RAV4, Jeep Compass or Honda CR-V.

There are 5 trim options available for you in the Subaru Crosstrek – which also a 5-seater. The Hybrid CVT is a popular trim; it has an All Wheel Drive Plug-In Hybrid 2.0L H4 engine and has a starting price of $38,070. The combined mileage for Sabaru’s Crosstrek Hybrid is 35 MPG.

Main image courtesy: Subaru