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Pennzoil or Quaker State: Battle of the Engine Oils



Pennzoil and Quaker State are both trusted brands that offer high-quality oils. They both make conventional and synthetic oils that will protect your engine and help it run smoothly. Pennzoil offers Full Synthetic Motor Oil, which boasts an innovative formula that protects your engine from wear and tear and extends its life.

Quaker State offers Full Synthetic Motor Oil, which is specially made for cars that drive on the highway. It’s also great for city driving, but it’s best for cars that regularly travel long distances.

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There many other brands of engine oil, but the most recognizable names are Quaker and Pennzoil

What they both have in common?

Both brands offer oils that are trusted and recommended by mechanics and car owners alike. They’re also both affordable, easy to find, and will protect your engine. They’re good for most types of vehicles and are available in a variety of types. Pennzoil even offers a Full Synthetic Motor Oil that’s specially designed for diesel engines, which is great for truck owners.