Get These Add-Ons to Make Your Subcompact SUV Off-road Ready

2022 Venue Hyundai SUV
2022 Venue | Hyundai

If you’re a small SUV driver, you already know that these vehicles are great for driving on paved roads and highways. But what about those back roads and trails?

With the right add-ons, your subcompact SUV can be just as capable of tackling off-road terrain as its larger counterparts. In this article, we’ll discuss the recommended add-ons you need to make your subcompact SUV off-road ready.

Lift Kit Add-On

A lift kit is an absolute must when it comes to taking your subcompact SUV off-roading. This kit raises the height of your vehicle by replacing specific parts with taller components that give you more ground clearance.

Though lift kits can be expensive, they’re worth it since they also increase suspension travel and provide more stability in rough terrain. Additionally, a lift kit will give you an opportunity to fit larger wheels and tires on your vehicle if desired.

Tires & Wheels Add-On

The right tires and wheels are key when it comes to getting your subcompact SUV ready for off-roading. Tires with aggressive tread patterns will help you get better grip in muddy or slippery conditions while still providing enough traction on dry surfaces like dirt roads or desert trails.

Additionally, larger wheels (17 inch or larger) will allow you to fit bigger tires which can help with stability in rough terrain.

Suspension System upgrade

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When taking your vehicle off-roading, it’s important to have a suspension system that can handle all types of terrain. Upgrading to an adjustable aftermarket suspension system is ideal as it allows you to fine tune the various components so that your vehicle performs optimally no matter what type of surface you’re driving on.

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Off Road Lights upgrade

Off road lights are essential if you plan on driving at night or in other low light conditions such as foggy deserts or heavily wooded areas. Installing LED lights onto the front and rear of your vehicle will ensure that you can see every obstacle in front of you no matter how dark it gets outside.

Conclusion: Get your subcompact SUV off-road ready

With the right add-ons, even a subcompact SUV can become fully off road capable! A lift kit, tires & wheels, suspension system, and off road lights are all essential additions if you want to take advantage of all that nature has to offer from behind the wheel of your car! So don’t wait – get out there and start exploring today!

Main image courtesy: Hyundai