What Are Parking Sensors and How Do They Work?

Parking sensors are great external driver aide, how do they do what they do?

Sportage X Pro
Sportage X Pro

We all need a little help no and again, especially while driving – the streets are busier than ever since Pandemic restrictions started lifting worldwide. Parking sensors on cars are devices that help drivers to safely park their vehicle.

How do Parking sensors work?

Channel CarExpert demonstrates parking sensors

They use ultrasonic waves to detect objects and obstacles around the car, allowing the driver to know when they are getting too close to something. The sensors are usually placed around the car bumper and they can detect objects up to a certain distance, usually around 6-7 feet away.

They use beeps or lights to alert the driver when they are getting too close, giving the driver time to adjust their speed and angle of approach. Parking sensors are great for preventing accidents in tight spaces and they can help drivers to park in a much more secure and safe way.

Main image courtesy: Kia

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