What is a Speedometer: How They Help Drivers and Their Cars

Your car's speedometer is a very important tool that helps keep you safe and can maintain your vehicle over time

what is a speedometer?


A speedometer is a device used to measure the current speed of a vehicle. It is usually represented by a gauge found in the dashboard of a car. By looking at the speedometer, a driver can determine their speed and adjust it accordingly to stay within the speed limit.

Many SUVs and some cars today can project a speedometer on your windscreen (a Heads up display), you’ll never have to look down at the gauge cluster. See our article on the SUVs today that have a HUDs (Heads up display) standard or optional, for model year 2023.

Why is your speedometer so important to you

speedometer and odometer
Speedometer is on the left and odometer (measures RPMs) is on the right

The speedometer in some modern cars and SUVs use digital displays but older models usually make use analog meters like the ones shown above. It doesn’t matter what style is used, they both work same.

The speedometer can give you three essential information cues for the current and future operation and health of your car. Ignoring them can cause immediate or future issues for your vehicle.

First up, the current speed of your car

Speedometers are important to drivers because they help ensure safety on the roads, by providing a visual cue of how fast a vehicle is going. Knowing the speed of a vehicle can help to avoid dangerous situations, such as speeding and collisions.

Secondly, what a speedometer can tell you about gas consumption

Speedometers also help to reduce fuel consumption, since driving at a consistent speed can improve fuel efficiency. If you constantly drive your car over the recommended speed limit, just know you’re burning more fuel than other cars – doing the limit.

Thirdly, the speedometer will help you maintain your engine

A stable constant driving speed is good for your engine’s long term health. Intermittent speedups and slow downs is hard on your ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) engine or electric motor (for EV drivers).

Just by glancing at your car’s speedometer every now and again helps you keep a stable velocity.


Your car’s speedometer is a simple device that performs many duties for you, all you have to do is look at it, now and again. It’s a very reliable tool for helping you stay safe in traffic by keeping a constant speed.

Also by keeping your speed constant in your daily driving experience, your car’s motor should able to last longer (along with other maintenance). Plus your simple speedometer can help the environment, by letting you know if your car’s burning more fuel from speeding.