What is an Odometer and Why it is Important for the Health of Your Car?

Your odometer can help you keep track of important service schedules and tells the real usage on a car

odometer fraud 2

odometer fraud

An odometer is a device found in cars, boats, and other vehicles that measures the total distance that vehicle has traveled. It is extremely important for drivers as it helps them keep track of when their vehicle needs to be serviced and when their tires need to be changed.

Why is the odometer so important?

Odometer fraud is on the rise

Knowing the exact distance traveled also helps drivers understand when their vehicle may start having issues as certain parts need to be replaced at certain intervals.

Plan major service intervals

Cars are like people, at certain stage in their lifetime operation there will important components that needs to be checked or replaced. For example some people will change their oil and air filter every 5,000 KM (3100 Miles) – or as recommended by the manufacturer.

The odometer will tell you when these milestones are reached and all you have to do is just keep track of it.

The odometer is very important for the resale of your vehicle

Odometers are important when selling a vehicle as they help to determine the amount of wear and tear the vehicle has gone through. If you bought your vehicle used then you must remember how essential that it had low mileage.

Well, if you gonna resell it, the new driver will be checking too.

Odometer fraud is on the rise

Cnbc on why Odometer fraud is on the rise

The events of recent years have made it tougher to find new or gently used cars, so a lot of fraudsters are rolling back odometers. Odometer fraud is a major problem because if the vehicle you bought was rolled back that means you can’t truly tell how aged the vehicle is.