What is Electronic Rear Limited-slip Differential Technology

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Modern SUV and car makers are competing harder than ever with each other to make the best off-roaders and all-terrain vehicles possible. To achieve their similar goals many new and exciting technologies have created, such as Electronic rear limited-slip differential.

What is Electronic rear limited-slip differential system?

Electronic rear limited-slip differential system is a type of technology that is used in vehicles to improve the handling of the car and to help the driver maintain control in certain situations.

How electronic rear limited-slip differential technology works and how it helps?

The system uses an electronically controlled clutch that is connected to the rear differential. This clutch can be activated by the driver, or it can be automatically activated depending on the driving conditions.

The clutch helps to limit the amount of wheel spin by transferring the power between the two rear wheels. This technology helps to improve the cornering grip of the vehicle, as well as providing a smoother ride.

What is the future of electronic rear limited-slip differential system?

This technology is becoming increasingly popular in performance vehicles as it helps to improve the overall driving experience. Even the basic trim models from some car makers now have the system.