Got a Classic SUV? These Insurance Companies Will Protect it

Range Rover classic
Range Rover classic

For classic car owners in both Canada and the US, having the right insurance coverage is crucial. It’s not just about protecting your investment, it’s also about ensuring the unique characteristics of your vintage vehicle are fully recognized.

Classic vehicles aren’t like new cars when comes to insurance coverage – they require special clauses and classification. Let’s explore some of the best car insurance companies that cater to classic car owners.

United States: Insurance for the Classic Car Enthusiasts

There many classic car insurance providers for American car owners but these 4 choices are tops:

1. Hagerty Insurance

Hagerty tops the list due to their specialty in classic car insurance. Their policies are underwritten by several top-rated insurance carriers and they offer a wide range of coverage options tailored to the unique needs of classic car owners.

2. Progressive Insurance

Progressive, known for their wide range of auto insurance products, also offers coverage for classic and vintage cars. Their classic car insurance policies include agreed value coverage, which guarantees that you’ll receive the full insured amount of the vehicle in the event of a total loss.

3. Heacock Classic Insurance

Heacock is another insurer specializing in collector and classic cars. They offer comprehensive insurance solutions that include full agreed value coverage, spare parts coverage, and inflation guard to increase your vehicle’s value annually.

4. American Modern

American Modern offers classic car insurance with options for limited or full use, road trip interruption coverage, and a range of deductibles. They also provide agreed value coverage that ensures your classic car’s value is fully protected.

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Canada: Insuring Your Vintage Vehicle

Canada’s 33 million citizens can get their specialized classic-SUV coverage from any one of these providers:

1. McDougall Insurance

McDougall Insurance is a reputable Canadian insurance broker that offers comprehensive classic car insurance. They provide a range of options, including coverage for out-of-country touring, restoration coverage, and agreed value coverage.

2. Mitch Insurance

Mitch Insurance offers specialized classic car insurance policies that can be tailored to the unique needs of classic car owners. Their policies include options for stated value coverage, restoration coverage, and flexible usage.

3. Allstate Canada

Allstate Canada’s classic car insurance offers protection for your vintage ride. They have policies that include agreed value coverage, restoration coverage, and coverage for spare parts.

4. Hagerty Insurance

Hagerty also provides classic car insurance in Canada. They offer agreed value coverage, flexible usage, in-house claims handling, and coverage for spare parts.


Regardless of whether you’re in the US or Canada, owning a classic car is a unique experience that calls for specialized insurance coverage. These providers offer tailored policies that recognize the unique value and needs of classic cars.

And for those classic car enthusiasts who also enjoy modern vehicles, don’t forget to check out the latest information about SUVs, including tips on how to save money on car insurance here.