Nissan’s E-POWER Driving Tech Extends Your Car’s Range with Technology

Nissan is bringing two different worlds together - like a Marvel movie - to accomplish one goal, more range.

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Nissan’s e-POWER uses an onboard (gas) engine to charge the car’s battery, allowing the vehicle to drive on electric power only. The e-POWER technology provides the convenience of an electric car with the power of a gasoline engine.

Nissan demos it’s e-POWER tech

It combines a gasoline engine with a high-output electric motor and battery pack, allowing it to drive on electric power only. The technology is designed to offer the same driving performance as a conventional engine while providing improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

e-POWER system can recharge its batteries on the go, providing a seamless and effortless driving experience. It is also designed to optimize energy management, making the most efficient use of the electric motor and gasoline engine to generate power.