The Renault 5 Hatchback Isn’t an SUV: So What is It?

Renault 5

Renault 5 | Renault

Technically the Renault 5 Hatchback is classified as a B-segment hatchback, also known as a supermini or subcompact car. This is a classification in the automotive industry denoting a compact size vehicle larger than a city car (A-segment) but smaller than a compact car (C-segment).

These vehicles are designed to be affordable, fuel-efficient, and well-suited for city driving and parking in tight spaces. B-segment hatchbacks typically feature a two-box design, with the rear area providing flexible cargo space accessible via a rear hatch door, hence the term “hatchback.”

The Renault 5 won’t be available in North America😪

Autotrader reviews the Renault 5 Hatchback

This segment includes cars that prioritize practicality and economy, often offering a good balance of size and performance for everyday use and urban commuting. Models like the Renault 5 Hatchback exemplify the B-segment philosophy by offering a compact exterior footprint, efficient use of interior space, and an engaging driving experience, making them popular choices among a wide range of drivers.