These Gas Engine Cars Will Cost You Less Than $950 per Year to Drive

Save hundreds of dollars each year, whilst also saving the planet - without going all-electric.


For those not ready to transition to electric vehicles but eager to embrace the most fuel-efficient options available, the market offers some outstanding choices. To achieve these fuel number and savings, these cars must also run mainly (manufacturer recommended) on regular grade fuel.

Here are the top four small cars with the best fuel economies in 2024, each boasting an internal combustion engine (ICE) enhanced by hybrid technology, ensuring that you spend less than $1,000 annually on fuel costs.

1. 2024 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Blue

The 2024 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Blue leads the pack with an unparalleled blend of efficiency and range. Its annual fuel cost sits at a mere $857, offering a staggering 671 miles on a full tank. With fuel economy figures of 54/51/58 mpg (combined/city/highway), it stands as the pinnacle of fuel efficiency for those prioritizing long drives and minimal gas station stops.

2. 2024 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Following closely is the 2024 Toyota Corolla Hybrid, a testament to Toyota’s commitment to fuel efficiency and environmental stewardship. This model demands an annual fuel expenditure of $903 and delivers a total driving range of 565 miles. Its fuel economy is rated at 50/53/46 mpg (combined/city/highway), making it an excellent choice for urban commuters and highway adventurers alike.

3. 2024 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

The sibling to the Elantra Hybrid Blue, the 2024 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid, also impresses with a modest annual fuel cost of $903. It boasts a total driving range of 620 miles on a full tank and achieves fuel economy numbers of 50/49/52 mpg (combined/city/highway). This vehicle perfectly balances performance and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and eco-friendly driving experience.

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4. 2024 Toyota Corolla Hybrid AWD

Rounding out the list is the 2024 Toyota Corolla Hybrid AWD, designed for those who need the extra traction without compromising on fuel efficiency. With an annual fuel cost of $950 and a driving range of 542 miles, it presents a compelling option. Its fuel economy stands at 48/51/44 mpg (combined/city/highway), making it ideal for navigating both city streets and rugged terrains.

You don’t have to go full-electric to save serious cash!

These four vehicles not only represent the pinnacle of fuel efficiency in the current market but also offer drivers a way to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and fuel expenses. By choosing any of these models, you’re not just investing in a car; you’re investing in the future of our planet. For more information on fuel economy and to compare these models further, visit and for in-depth reviews and comparisons.

Embrace the journey towards a more sustainable and cost-effective driving experience with these top-performing hybrid vehicles. Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or exploring the open road, these cars promise to deliver unparalleled fuel efficiency without the need to go fully electric.