5 Cheapest SUVs to Insure in 2023

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Nowadays we all have to find better ways to save on everything, fuel prices, grocery shopping, car insurance, etc. Even in these inflationary times there many ways to save your hard earned buck.

If you considering purchasing an SUV you don’t have to fear the car insurance rates as much as you may think. First off, SUVs are cheaper to insure than sedans, a surprising fact many may not know.

Cheapest SUVs to insure in the US chart
Cheapest SUVs to insure in the US | chart

Yes you read that correctly, that big hunk of SUV machine beside your car in rush hour traffic after work is cheaper to insure than your average 5 star rated sedan. The venerable caranddriver conducted their own research and found out that the average SUV cost $312 less per year vs the average sedan for insurance.

Car and Driver’s 5 cheapest SUVs to insure

Just by taking quick look at CarAndDrivers list you will probably notice that most of the SUVs are the compact class. If read the full list it may influence your car shopping preference for the better, to save you come cash.

5 cheapest SUVs to insure in 2023

  • Honda CR-V: $2346
  • Toyota RAV4: $2475
  • Chevrolet Equinox: $2560
  • Ford Escape: $2834
  • Chevrolet Tahoe: $2888