Will Driving an Electric Fast Deplete the Battery Faster

will driving fast kill battery lifespan
Model Y | courtesy Tesla

Just simply driving an electric vehicle may have an effect on the battery’s overall lifespan, but what just driving fast daily? While a fast acceleration or driving at high speeds can deplete the battery faster, the effect is relatively minor.

In fact, the most significant factor in battery depletion is the amount of time spent driving, not the speed at which you drive. A car that is driven for longer periods of time at slower speeds will still deplete its battery faster than a car that is driven for shorter periods of time at faster speeds.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that driving at high speeds does not necessarily lead to a faster depletion of the battery. Your battery’s total charge retention will naturally deplete with each charge/discharge cycle, that’s the tradeoff of the modern lithium battery.

Auto trader investigates whether driving your electric fast will kill it’s battery

Main image courtesy: Tesla

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