The Cheapest SUV to Insure in 2023

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courtesy - Ford, Honda

Ok, so you are thinking of upgrading your car to an SUV, but the potential insurance costs may scare you off. Firstly, put your fears aside because SUVs are cheaper to insure than the average family sedan.

The reason SUVs cheaper to insure than passenger cars are many and varied. However, it mainly comes down to the size, capabilities and technologies crammed into these big cars.

Cheapest SUVs to insure in the US chart
Cheapest SUVs to insure in the US – chart

The cheapest SUV models to insure

The rise in popularity of SUVs over the past 15 or more years is nothing short of spectacular. The falling insurance rates of these cars coincides with their improving fuel efficiency numbers, safety tech and maintenance makes them more attractive to potential buyers.

However, before you run out to switch the family car to an SUV, just know not all of them will be cheap insure. The insurance companies take into consideration many vehicle stats to derive their rates (we won’t go into those).

We’ve compiled data from and of the cheapest 2023 SUVs to insure. These prices will vary by state and city of course, so your final insurance cost for the year maybe cheaper or a touch more expensive.

2023 cheapest SUV models to insure

PositionSUV modelYearly insurance
1Honda CR-V$2,660
2Honda HR-V$2,682
3Chevrolet Traverse$2,759
4Mazda CX-5$2,790
5Honda Pilot$2,809
6Ford Escape$2,839
7Chevrolet Equinox$2,840
8Volkswagen Tiguan$2,899
9Subaru Outback$2,907
10Subaru Forester$2,911
Yearly insurance cost of the 10 cheapest SUVs to insure for 2023

Main image courtesy: Honda, Ford

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