Want to Pay Less Insurance: Stick with the Same Company for While

Customer retention is everything in business these days. Use that to your advantage whenever it's possible.

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At suv.me we always try to encourage you to find the best insurance rates that’s suitable to your budget and be helpful in the worst case scenarios. We stick by the reasoning that finding a budget friendly insurance rate is good for all involved.

If all your monthly expenses (including insurance rates) are low, then there is simply less chances of defaulting on any of your obligations. However, one of the least known – or less appreciated ways to get low insurance rate in the long term is, staying with your current insurer for years.

Yes, customer loyalty is a thing in the car insurance world. Most of these companies will charge you more if there is a history you bouncing from provider to the next, yearly.

Yes, insurance will charge you less for long term customer

Having a history of being insured by the same insurance company is important for a variety of reasons. It can allow you to build a relationship and trust with the company, making it easier to file claims and get the help you need when you need it.

Having a long-term relationship with the same insurance company can lead to lower premiums and more affordable coverage for you. Additionally, being a loyal customer of one company can qualify you for discounts, rewards, and other special offers.


Finally, having a history with one company makes it easier to maintain coverage and keep your policy up-to-date, allowing you to stay protected and have peace of mind.

Oh, btw, as a loyal customer you do hold some sway over the cost of your premium – remember, they don’t want to lose you. You represent an investment to them, one that they had to spend millions dollars in advertisement to get.

When your renewal time comes around, remind them of that fact (gently though).

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