What is Electronic Shift-by-wire Control Technology?

Aston Martin DBX Satin Neutron White

DBX 707 | Aston Martin

Electronic shift-by-wire control technology is a system that electronically controls the shifting of a vehicle without any physical connection between the driver and the transmission.

This tech is currently in use on the DBX 707 SUV.

What are the advantages Electronic shift-by-wire control

Kia explains shift by wire

This technology is used in modern vehicles to make shifting faster, smoother, and more efficient. This system has many advantages, such as improved fuel economy, better control over shifting, and improved driver comfort.

Electronic shift-by-wire control technology is also used in certain applications where manual shifting is not possible. This technology is becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry and is expected to become more widely adopted in the future.

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Main image courtesy: Aston Martin