A Michael Mann Film Set to Rev Up Cinemas This December

Enzo | Neon

In “Enzo,” acclaimed director Michael Mann brings to life the gripping tale of the legendary Enzo Ferrari, portrayed by Adam Driver, as he grapples with personal and professional crises in the ruthless world of Formula 1 racing.

Facing bankruptcy and struggling to keep his factory afloat, Ferrari also navigates a complicated marriage with his wife Laura, played by Penélope Cruz. Their relationship has been strained following the devastating loss of their son Dino, adding layers of emotional complexity to an already high-stakes narrative.

Enzo starring Adam Driver

Shailene Woodley joins the ensemble as Lina Lardi, the mother of Ferrari’s unacknowledged son Piero, casting yet another shadow over the automaker’s turbulent life. As Ferrari battles his inner demons, the focus shifts to the daring and dangerous Mille Miglia, a 1,000-mile race across Italy that tests the mettle of his drivers and the integrity of his cars.

Set for release in December 2023, “Enzo” promises to be a compelling blend of intense racing sequences, rich period detail, and deeply human drama, exploring not just the man behind the racing empire but also the high costs of ambition and the fragility of human relationships.

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