Honda’s Collision Mitigation Braking System: What is It, How Does it Work?

We are getting closer and closer to full driving autonomy, but before then CMBS and other tech will fill the gap.

2018 honda cr v

2018 CR-V | Honda

Honda’s Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) technology is designed to help reduce the severity of a potential collision. Any driver safety tech can only be good thing because you can focus more driving while your vehicle keeps harm away.

How does Collision Mitigation Braking System work?

This system uses a combination of sensors, cameras, and radar to detect potential obstacles in the vehicle’s path. If an imminent collision is detected, the system will alert the driver and initiate a series of braking interventions to help reduce the severity of the impact.

CMBS works with the driver and traffic conditions

This system is designed to work in conjunction with the driver’s own response, and is not intended to replace driver attentiveness. Honda’s CMBS has been proven to be an effective tool in helping reduce the severity of potential impacts, and is available in many Honda vehicles.

Honda demonstrates CMBS

Main image courtesy: Honda