The Innovative Solar Panel Integrated in the Kia EV9

2024 EV9 outside

2024 EV9 outside | Kia

If the Kia EV9 were a Marvel superhero, it would probably be Iron Man – innovative, stylish, and always ahead of the curve. The car technically have two ways to power the it’s next-gen heart.

Today, let’s explore the breakthrough feature that sets it apart from the crowd the integrated solar panel that gives the EV9 an edge in the realm of sustainable mobility.

Solar Boost: Revolutionizing the Driving Experience

2024 EV9 passenger section
2024 EV9 passenger section | Kia

Picture this: you’re driving through picturesque landscapes, knowing that the sun shining above you is contributing to the power of your Kia EV9. Yes, that’s right. The solar panel is built into the hood of the EV9, a unique approach to harnessing renewable energy.

  • Why is it groundbreaking?
    • Extra Mileage: The solar panel boosts the EV9’s total driving range, giving you more freedom and reducing range anxiety.
    • Sustainability: It adds another layer of environmental friendliness to the already sustainable SUV.

This feature showcases the creative strides Kia is taking in embracing sustainable mobility.

Not Just a Solar Panel, It’s a Kia

2024 EV9 interior
2024 EV9 interior | Kia

The EV9 isn’t just a one-trick pony. It’s packed with features that make it a formidable choice among economical SUVs.

  • Battery: With a 100-kilowatt-hour battery, it’s designed for the long haul.
  • Tech Foundation: Built on the same E-GMP technology as the EV6, it’s a sibling that learned from its elder.
  • Charging Speed: An 800-volt capacity enables super-fast charging—think 80% in just 10 minutes.
  • Space: The third-row capability makes it spacious, bringing it in line with large SUVs.

Sustainability Inside-Out

The solar panel isn’t the only thing green about this car. The interior is made from sustainable materials, aligning with the ethical aspect of driving an electric vehicle. This makes Kia EV9 a harmonious blend of technology and sustainability, the future of bidirectional charging and more.

Maintenance with Elegance


For those who want to maintain the inner beauty of this beast, worry not! Kia has you covered. While the interiors are sustainable, they are also easy to maintain. Follow these best tips to maintain your car’s leather interior for a pristine driving experience.

A Contender in the EV Arena

When we talk about electric SUVs, other brands like Cadillac’s 2025 Escalade IQ with its impressive battery pack might pop into mind. But the EV9’s solar panel integration gives it a unique competitive edge.

The Verdict

The Kia EV9 goes above and beyond, integrating solar power as a functional and sustainable feature. It’s not just a car; it’s a statement that the future of motoring will be green, spacious, and incredibly cool.

It’s time to embrace the sun. After all, the future looks bright, especially from the driver’s seat of a Kia EV9.

Ready to hop into the future? Discover more about the Kia EV9 and step into the future of sustainable mobility.