The Mini Cooper S: Is it an SUV?

mini cooper s
mini cooper s

In the realm of modern-day automobiles, the Mini Cooper S stands out with its distinctive design and performance features. This beautiful little car catches everybody’s eyes when it comes around – especially in red (as pictured).

However, a question often arises among car enthusiasts and potential buyers: Is the Mini Cooper S a sedan or an SUV?

Best Selling SUVs in America chart
Best Selling SUVs in America chart

Unraveling the Mini Cooper S

MotorWeek drives the 2022 Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S, a dynamic player in the automotive world, is neither a sedan nor an SUV. It is primarily categorized as a subcompact car, available in two major forms: a hatchback and a convertible. This iconic British car is renowned for its compact size, sporty performance, and nimble handling. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a fun drive with a burst of speed and agility.

When Mini Met SUV: The Cooper Countryman

TheNew2021MINICountryman CooperSEPHEVfront
The MINI Countryman is a sports utility vehicle

While the Mini Cooper S doesn’t fit the SUV mold, Mini does offer an SUV variant: the Mini Cooper Countryman. It’s a subcompact crossover SUV that combines the compact charm of the Mini Cooper with the practicality and versatility of an SUV. If you’re looking for a vehicle with a bit more space and the adventurous spirit of an SUV, the Countryman might be the perfect choice.

What Defines an SUV?

In the universe of SUVs, size, power, and off-road capabilities tend to be key characteristics. They often come with higher seating positions, ample cargo space, and the capability to traverse different terrains.

While the Mini Cooper S offers some of these features, its primary design and purpose lean more towards a subcompact car than an SUV.

Yearly fuel costs Small SUVs chart
Yearly fuel costs Small SUVs chart

What Makes a Sedan?

Sedans, on the other hand, are typically defined by their three-box configuration with separate compartments for the engine, passengers, and cargo. They’re often associated with comfort, efficiency, and safety. The Mini Cooper S, with its hatchback and convertible forms, diverges from the traditional sedan design.


To sum it up, the Mini Cooper S is a delightful blend of compact agility and spirited performance, finding its niche as a subcompact car rather than a sedan or SUV. For those seeking the essence of an SUV in a Mini, the Countryman emerges as a compelling choice.

Whether you’re in the market for an electric SUV with impressive range, a compact SUV perfect for young couples, or a subcompact SUV that packs a punch, the world of SUVs offers a diverse array of options to suit every preference and lifestyle.

Remember, understanding what you value in a vehicle is key to making the best choice for your needs. Happy car hunting!