The Tata Nexon India’s Best Selling SUV is a Customer Favorite

The Nexon offers incredible value for your hard earned cash, too bad it's not available in more countries.

2023 Tata Nexon SUV
2023 Nexon | Tata

The Nexon from Tata stands head and shoulders above any other SUV sold in the country – sales wise. The car is on the smaller end of the SUV spectrum, having a wheelbase of 2498 mm.

The car’s size makes it very easy to park in tight spots at the mall, for example.

Best selling SUVs in India chart
Best selling SUVs in India – chart

To be considered a good family car any vehicle must have ample room and decent fuel economy to ferry kids and cago about. The Nexon has a good 16.3 to 22 kmpl (depending on engine type) efficiency rating. The msrp of the 2023 Tata Nexon is ₹ 7.79 Lakh/ $9,410 USD.

Engine size and type (two variants available)

The Nexon is very unique, being that the car is available in both a gas (petrol) or Diesel varieties and their performances vary somewhat. You can choose between a 1.2l Turbocharged Revotron gas engine or a 1.5l Turbocharged Revotorq Diesel engine.

This vehicle is family car, therefore you will get decent but not earth shattering power. The engine power for the petrol variety is 120hp and 115hp for diesel engine models.

Maneuverability and daily driving

SUVs are great, but because of their bigger sizes, driving them in busy city environs can at times be challenging – especially when parking. Thankfully, the Nexon’s 2498mm wheelbase and 5.1 meters turning radius is up to the task.

Big plus – you can even do some off-roading😍.

Tata Nexon
Tata Nexon | Tata

When you wanna haul cargo and kids around nothing handles the job better than a capable SUV and this small vehicle shines here too. The car’s torque rating for the gas engine is, 170Nm and 260Nm for the Diesel engine.

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Specification of the 2023 Nexon

Here some of the best things about the 2023 Tata Nexon:

  • Horse Power for the petrol engine is 120hp and 115hp diesel engine
  • Msrp ₹ 7.79 Lakh/ $9,410 USD
  • The car comes in a 1.2l Turbocharged Revotron gas engine or a 1.5l Turbocharged Revotorq Diesel engine
  • Fuel efficieny is 16.3 to 22 kmpl (depending on engine type)
  • Transmission 6-speed, 6-speed AMT manual
  • Turning radius 5.1 Meters
  • Ground clearance 209 mm
  • Wheelbase 2498 mm
  • Torque for the gas engine is 170Nm and 260Nm for the Diesel engine


These are just some of the reasons why the Nexon is beating the competition in India, but unfortunately the company (Tata) doesn’t have a North American Presence -yet. The car’s other main competitor (sales wise and class wise) is, Hyundai’s Venue – another great small SUV.

The Nexon is a great family car with an unbeatable value for the price. Only the Venue in North America comes close to the Nexon’s ₹ 7.79 Lakh/ $9,410 USD MSRP.

Main image courtesy: Tata