Telematics Devices: Can Lower Your Insurance Premium, at a Cost

The insurance companies can lower your monthly car insurance payments, if you let them install a tracking device in your car. Is the extra savings worth it?

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At we talk about ways lower your insurance costs, installing a telematics device can be another great way – there are some caveats though. A telematics device is a device that collects data your driving habits.

This collected data allows insurance companies to better evaluate your driving habits and possible offer you lower premiums. With privacy issues being talked about alot today, is the extra savings worth the tradeoffs?

Cheapest SUVs to insure in the US chart
Cheapest SUVs to insure in the US – chart

How intrusive are Telematics devices?

How Telematics devices work

Telematics devices are typically small devices that are installed in a car. The device monitors your driving habits and performance, such as speed, braking, and acceleration. It then transmits this data to an insurer. Insurers can use this data to assess your driving behavior and determine your risk profile.

Best selling SUVs in Canada chart
Best selling SUVs in Canada – chart

For example, if you’re a careful driver who follows the rules of the road, you may be rewarded with lower car insurance premiums. On the other hand, if your driving habits are considered high risk to yourself (or others), such as frequent speeding or hard braking, your insurance premiums may be higher.

What other data does these devices collect?

How to install a Telematics device in your car

Telematics devices can also be used to monitor other aspects of your car, such as its maintenance and repair history. This can be used to determine how well your car is being taken care of, which can also affect your insurance premiums.

In addition to helping to lower your car insurance premiums, telematics devices can also be used to help you improve your driving habits. Many devices offer feedback on your driving performance and offer tips on how to be a better driver.

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Conclusion: Should you install a Telematics devices?

Overall, telematics devices can be a great way to save money on car insurance. Utilizing these tiny devices for the purpose of lowering your insurance rates is a personal comfort thing. Are you okay with another big data collecting entity steering over your shoulders – digitally of course – since we allow many others willing to do so for free.

A Telematics can only report the info you give them, so if you’re a good driver, that’s the data transferred. They allow insurers to better assess your driving habits and offer lower premiums based on your individual risk profile. Plus, they can help you become a better driver and maintain your car in top condition.