What is Trailer Merge Warning Technology?

If you've ever had to haul a trailer behind you in fast moving traffic, then you know tingling nerves sensation that follows



Trailer Merge Warning technology is a safety system that helps reduce the risk of rear-end collisions by alerting drivers when they are approaching a merging lane. Toyota uses this technology in their Tundra and Sequoia vehicle lineups.

How does Trailer Merge Warning technology work?

This system uses radar and cameras to detect vehicles that are merging into traffic and warns drivers in the form of audible and visual warnings when they are approaching the merging lane.

The system is designed to help drivers maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and to reduce the risk of a collision by giving drivers more time to react. This technology is becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce the number of collisions on highways, and is available as an option on many new vehicles.

Main image courtesy: Toyota