What is Google’s New HD Map

Your cars navigation maps are about to get a major makeover. Are you ready for Google's new HD maps?

Googles's HD Maps

HD Maps | Volvo

Google’s new HD map is a revolutionary new mapping system designed to provide higher-quality visuals and improved navigation. The HD map uses high-definition satellite imagery to create an accurate and detailed representation of an area.

Volvo and Polestar are just two of the car brands putting the tech in their upcoming vehicles.

This map can be used for navigation, route planning, and to determine the best paths for cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles. It also includes information about businesses, attractions, and other points of interest.

Carscoops demos Google’s HD maps

With the HD map, Google has created a powerful tool that can benefit all types of users, from commuters to city planners. The HD map is a major step forward for Google Maps and provides users with an even more detailed and accurate view of the world.

Main image courtesy: Volvo