What is a Sports Utility Vehicle?

Since all we focus on are SUVs. Should't we ask and try answer the question of, what sports utility vehicle?

Range Rover Sport SUV

Range Rover Sport SUV

A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is a type of vehicle that provides a combination of passenger transportation and off-road capability. Some of the best SUVs typically have four-wheel drive and a higher ride height for increased ground clearance, making them well-suited for off-roading.

Compared to sedans, SUVs are generally larger and have a more rugged design, with a boxy shape and higher ground clearance, allowing them to traverse rough terrain more easily. Many SUVs also feature a higher seating position, giving the driver and passengers a better view of the road and surrounding environment.

2023 cadillac escalade v
Escalade V | Cadillac

In addition to their off-road capabilities, SUVs are also known for their higher towing capacity, allowing them to haul heavier loads. Many SUVs also feature a third-row of seating, making them great for larger families.

The biggest difference between SUVs and sedans is the trade-off between ride quality and utility. SUVs typically offer a rougher ride than sedans due to their higher ground clearance and stiffer suspension. However, the trade-off is that SUVs are more capable off-road and have more cargo capacity.

Main image courtesy: Range Rover