Starting a Uber Ride-sharing Business? Reasons to Stay Away from Use Vehicles

If want to start a ride-sharing side hustle or main job: should go for a used vehicle or new

Uber ride sharing

Uber ride sharing

When it comes to choosing a vehicle to use for Uber ride-sharing, it’s important to consider the age of the vehicle. It may be tempting to purchase an older vehicle in an attempt to save money, but this could ultimately cost you more in the long run.

Here some reasons to avoid buying a used vehicle to start your Uber or ride-sharing business.

Service maintenance record be non-existent

Older vehicles are more likely to have wear and tear on the engine and transmission, as well as a bad maintenance record. Any car used for Ubering or other ride-sharing be under stress daily.

You need to know if the used vehicle you’re planning on using is up to the task. A good record of maintenance can tell you this. The problem is, most people don’t hold on to receipts of service, labor or other maintenance.

How clean is that used car really?

Your potential customers will want to ride in a clean well kept vehicle, older vehicles may have hidden damage inside. The seats may be stained or have other damage due to wear and tear over time – you may have missed at purchase.

Plus users of ride-sharing would prefer a newer looking to a dated vehicle, probably for the prestige. How eager will a rider be to give a positive rating to car with stained rear compartment?

Can the car deal with the daily stress?

The biggest risk associated with choosing an older vehicle for Uber ride-sharing is the potential for breakdowns. Older vehicles are more prone to mechanical issues, and if the vehicle breaks down in the middle of a ride, you could be responsible for the cost of repairs or the cost of towing.

This expense could easily exceed the money saved by purchasing an older car.

That older car may cost you more in safety, emissions failures

An older vehicle may not meet the standards for car safety, emissions, and efficiency required by Uber. This could result in having to invest in costly repairs or upgrades in order to become certified by Uber.


Should buy new or used when starting a ride-sharing business? How brave are you?

Overall, it’s important to consider the risks associated with purchasing an older vehicle for Uber ride-sharing. While an older vehicle may seem like a good deal at first, the potential costs associated with breakdowns or repairs could quickly add up.

Investing in a newer vehicle with a good maintenance record is the best way to ensure that your Uber ride-sharing business is successful and profitable.