What is Traffic Sign Recognition System Technology and Which Vehicles Have It?

On the journey to full level 4 self driving there will be many simpler parts of the puzzle that needs to be fitted together, TSRS is one of these bits.

Traffic sign recognition system demo
TSRS | Ford

Full Level 4 self driving, what is taking it so long to get here? It’s coming sooner than some may think, but frustratingly too far away for other. TSRS, like other driver aiding systems we now take for granted, may one day be an essential cornerstone to enable full vehicle autonomy.

What is Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSRS)?

Ford demonstrates TSRS

Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSRS) technology is a computer vision technology that can detect and interpret traffic signs from a digital image or video stream. It enables vehicles to recognize traffic signs, such as stop signs, speed limits, yield signs, and other regulatory signs, which can be used to aid in navigation and safety.

How does Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSRS) work?

TSRS technology is used in autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, and is integrated into navigation and control systems. By recognizing signs and traffic patterns, the system can allow vehicles to adjust their speed and route accordingly.

It can also be used for traffic monitoring and enforcement, providing a safer and more efficient experience for all road users.

Which vehicles have TSRS technology?

TSRS is gaining good momentum in the car industry, but the use of the tech is still limited to a few early adopter manufacturers, for now. Check if the car manufacturer you interested in support it on their vehicles.

For now here is a short lift of some vehicle with the tech.

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Main image courtesy: Ford