Jeep’s Selec-Terrain Technology: What is it and How Does it Work


Jeep’s Selec-Terrain technology allows drivers to choose between four different driving modes, each with its own set of driving characteristics. In Normal mode, the vehicle drives like a typical car, while in Sport mode the Jeep accelerates and brakes more aggressively, in Sand mode the vehicle rides on a sand-covered terrain, and in Snow mode the vehicle drives on snow-covered terrain.

How the Selec-Terrain technology works?

The technology allows the driver to change the vehicle’s terrain from off-road to street, using the vehicle’s four drive modes (4×4, 2WD, AWD, and RWD). This technology also allows the driver to switch between the different drive modes while the vehicle is in motion, allowing for increased maneuverability on the road.

Main image courtesy: Stellantis

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