What is Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology?

2023 Crosstrek SUV with EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

EyeSight Driver Assist technology is an advanced safety system created by Subaru to help protect its drivers. Subaru have for a long time been a major innovator in driver assists technology; for example they were the first to offer 4WD and automatic transmission across all models.

Subaru offers EyeSight Driver Assist on many of it vehicles, including the 2023 Crosstrek SUV pictured below.

Crosstrek SUV with EyeSight Assist
2023 Crosstrek SUV for city and suburbs
2023 Crosstrek SUV with Road Bikes

Images courtesy: Subaru

How does EyeSight Driver Assist technology work?

EyeSight utilizes dual color cameras mounted near the rearview mirror in order to spot objects, recognize directions of traffic flow and detect potential hazards that may be in the driver’s path.

EyeSight can then use this information to prompt warnings, apply corrective action and/or prepare for a safe collision by engaging components like automatic pre-collision braking or adaptive cruise control.

EyeSight Driver Assist technology gives you additional driver aides

EyeSight also allows for functions like lane keeping assist, helping to ensure the vehicle stays within its lane and preventing distracted or drowsy driving from occurring. These helpful features make EyeSight Driver Assist technology a highly effective tool for keeping Subaru drivers safe and secure on the road.

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