What is Subaru’s X-Mode Feature?

X-mode is just another Subara exclusive tech, that keeps the car making legend going strong



Subaru’s X-Mode feature is a driver assist system that provides improved traction and stability in off-road and other challenging driving conditions. The company is always (sometimes quietly) on the cutting edge of the tech field.

How does Subaru’s X-Mode feature work?

Carmax explains Subaru’s X-Mode feature

It works by adjusting the engine, transmission, and AWD system to optimize traction and stability. The system can detect when the vehicle is on an incline, and will adjust the power delivery and brake force to help maintain stability.

It also has a hill descent control system to help control speed when going down steep inclines. The X-Mode system is available on select Subaru models and is designed to give drivers more confidence when driving in off-road conditions.