Top 5 Compact SUVs with the Best Ground Clearances

off road
off road

In the quest for the perfect vehicle that marries the convenience of a daily commuter with the adventurous spirit of off-road exploration, compact SUVs stand out as the ideal choice. The landscape of small sports utility vehicles is more competitive than ever, with manufacturers pushing the envelope in design, comfort, and, importantly, off-road capability.

The main factor in off-road readiness is ground clearancea vehicle’s height above the ground – which can make the difference between a smooth ride over rough terrains and an unexpected halt due to undercarriage damage.

Small SUVs with the Best Ground Clearances

Here, we spotlight the Top 5 Compact SUVs with the Best Ground Clearances in 2024, ensuring you’re well-equipped for both your daily commute and weekend escapades into the wild.

5. Kia Sportage

  • Ground Clearance: 8.3 inches

Kicking off our list is the Kia Sportage. With an 8.3-inch ground clearance, it’s designed to handle more than just urban jungles. The Sportage combines style, technology, and versatility, making it a solid choice for those who desire a mix of everyday usability and occasional off-road adventures.

4. Ford Bronco Sport

  • Ground Clearance: 8.6 inches

The Ford Bronco Sport, a tribute to its rugged ancestors, offers an 8.6-inch ground clearance. It’s built for the wild, with features and capabilities that encourage spontaneous off-road excursions. Ford’s commitment to durability and performance shines through, making the Bronco Sport a reliable companion for any terrain.

3. Jeep Cherokee

  • Ground Clearance: 8.8 inches

Jeep’s heritage in off-road prowess is well-represented in the Cherokee. With an 8.8-inch ground clearance, it effortlessly blends the comfort and technology expected of a modern SUV with the robustness needed for off-road ventures. The Cherokee is a testament to Jeep’s commitment to adventure, offering drivers confidence on any path.

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2. Subaru Forester

  • Ground Clearance: 9.2 inches

The Subaru Forester stands near the top with a 9.2-inch ground clearance, underscoring its capability in navigating challenging terrains. Known for its reliability, safety, and all-wheel-drive system, the Forester is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts who require a vehicle that can keep up with their adventures.

1. Subaru Outback

  • Ground Clearance: 9.5 inches

In conclusion

Leading the pack, the Subaru Outback boasts the highest ground clearance at 9.5 inches. It embodies the spirit of adventure with its robust build, spacious interior, and advanced safety features. The Outback’s versatility makes it the ultimate companion for both paved roads and the path less traveled.

When choosing a compact SUV, ground clearance is just one of many factors to consider, but it’s crucial for those who love to venture off the beaten track. Each of these models offers a unique blend of features, performance, and capability, ensuring that there’s an option for every type of driver and adventure.

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