Get a POV Drive of the Best Selling SUV in America: Toyota RAV4

Do you want to feel what it's like to drive the most popular SUV in North America? Check this POV drive.


2022 Toyota RAV4 was America’s best selling SUV of the model year, having sold 399,941 units, according to figures compiled by Caranddriver. Only Honda’s CR-V came close – selling 238,155 – to Toyota’s dominance.

The 2023 Toyota Rav4 SUV is an excellent option for anyone looking for a reliable and safe vehicle. The base trim is equipped with a powerful 203 horsepower 2.5L 4-cylinder engine, providing plenty of power for both highway and city driving.

Legend17 gives us a virtual POV drive of the RAV4 – America’s best selling SUV

With a fuel economy of 27 city and 35 highway, it will save you money on trips and errands. The interior is well-designed with plenty of storage and comfort features, making it great for families. The Rav4 also has a wide range of safety features, including blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and a rearview camera, ensuring your peace of mind when on the road.

Main image courtesy: Legend17

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