Engineering Explained Compares Tesla’s and Lexus Steering Wheel Yokes

Not all steering wheel yokes are created the same


Both Tesla and Lexus are introducing steering yokes in some of their cars. Tesla was the first out the gate with the tech in it’s Model S Plaid – some drivers had mixed reactions.

Now, YouTube channel Engineering explained is testing the version in Lexus RZ 450E and making comparisons with the Tesla’s implementation. The YouTuber has a clear preference for the Lexus, watch the video below for more.

What is Steer-By-Wire (SBW) technology?

Many car manufacturers are making their cars as digitally equipped as possible, to be ready for full level 4 driving. Steer-By-Wire (SBW) is a technological advancement that replaces traditional mechanical steering systems with an electronic interface.

How does Steer-By-Wire (SBW) work?

MKHB on Tesla’s yoke in the Model S Plaid

In SBW, a driver’s input on the steering wheel is transmitted to an electronic control unit (ECU) – that then sends a signal to the vehicle’s steering actuators, such as electric motors, to turn the wheels accordingly.

Benefits of Steer-By-Wire (SBW)

SBW eliminates the need for heavy mechanical components like steering columns, racks, and hydraulic systems, resulting in reduced weight and increased fuel efficiency. The system can provide advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking, lane departure warnings, and self-parking capabilities.

While SBW is still in its early stages of adoption in the automotive industry, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we steer our vehicles.

Main image courtesy: Engineering Explained