Tesla Still Holds the Record for the Most Fuel Efficient All-Electric SUVs in the World in 2023

There are many competitors on the market to Tesla's SUVs - but they still the cheapest to drive today

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Model Y | courtesy Tesla

Tesla, the name synonymous with electric vehicles and sustainability, continues its reign as the king of fuel efficiency in the world of SUVs. In 2023, Tesla’s lineup of electric SUVs still hold the record, boasting the lowest yearly fuel cost.

Let’s delve into the details and see which models made it to the top.

The three 2023 all-electric SUVs with the lowest yearly fuel costs

Best fuel rating

2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD thumb

Annual Fuel Cost: $626

  • 122 Combined MPGe

  • Range: 330 miles

  • Msrp: $69,990 USD

Best range + performance

2023 Tesla Model Y Performance AWD

2023 Tesla Model Y Performance AWD thumb

Annual Fuel Cost: $676

  • 111 Combined MPGe

  • Range: 303 miles

  • Msrp: $76,290 USD

Best Luxury Tesla

2023 Tesla Model X Automatic

2023 Tesla Model X thumb

Annual Fuel Cost: $745

  • 102 Combined MPGe

  • Range: 348 miles

  • Msrp: $109,990 USD

1. 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

Annual Fuel Cost: $626

The first spot is clinched by the phenomenal 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD. This model is not just a vehicle; it’s a statement. With an annual fuel cost of a mere $626, it’s setting unprecedented benchmarks in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The blend of elegance, power, and efficiency makes this SUV the crown jewel of Tesla’s diverse range of SUV models.

2. 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance AWD

Annual Fuel Cost: $676

Following closely is the 2023 Tesla Model Y Performance AWD. This variant, with a slightly higher annual fuel cost of $676, is a harmonious blend of performance and efficiency. It’s a testament to Tesla’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly yet powerful driving options, reflecting the perfect synergy between compact design and groundbreaking technology.

3. 2023 Tesla Model X Automatic

Annual Fuel Cost: $745

Last but by no means least, the 2023 Tesla Model X Automatic grabs the third spot. With its futuristic design and an annual fuel cost of $745, it exemplifies luxury and sustainability. This model is an ideal choice for families looking for three-row SUVs that don’t compromise on efficiency.

Maximizing Savings

While these models are already setting records for fuel efficiency, EV owners can further maximize savings by adopting smart charging strategies. Discover insightful tips on how to save money on electric car charging costs to ensure your Tesla experience is as cost-effective as it is exhilarating.


Tesla continues its illustrious journey in redefining the automotive landscape. These SUVs are not merely vehicles; they represent a vision of a sustainable and efficient future. In 2023, Tesla’s unrelenting pursuit of innovation keeps them at the forefront, still holding the record for the most fuel-efficient all-electric SUVs in the world.